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DeWalt Self Leveling Rotary Lasers: A Cut Above the Competition Categories: power tools March 02, 2017 By Star Sales

DeWalt Self Leveling Rotary Lasers: A Cut Above the Competition

There's no doubt that laser levels and similar laser-based technology provides you with a significant advantage in the field, making it easier than ever to lay out the work you need to get done. But when it comes to a truly superior rotary laser, DeWalt has developed some lasers to provide exceptional performance and features for a reasonable price. Here's a look at DeWalt's rotary lasers and the many features and benefits they bring to the work site.

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18 Volt Self Leveling Laser

Dewalt's 18 volt laser system is self leveling, saving you significant time on setup. The system automatically levels horizontally and vertically, making a perfect setup every time and guaranteeing you'll create accurate results and won't have to repeat your work and lose profitability due to a mistake. The system has an automatic shutoff if it isn't able to achieve level settings. It features a rugged, waterproof case to deal well with the rigors of job site conditions. A wireless infrared remote allows you to create a laser-based chalk line that is easily seen with a bright laser light. A digital laser detector can increase your range up to 600 feet, either indoors or outdoors. If you still have some lower voltage DeWalt batteries gathering dust, the 18 volt system has a multi-voltage adapter that allows it to work with a variety of voltages from 9.6 to 18 volts. The kit comes with enhancement glasses to make it easier to see the laser light in difficult conditions, a one hour charger to keep your system operating without a lot of down time and with a light weight of 6.5 pounds, it's easy to carry it in anywhere you need a good, solid laser level that delivers serious performance.

20 Volt Max Standard and Tough Lasers

DeWalt's relatively new 20 volt Max line has brought in a couple more rotary lasers to the competition as well. Their Tough laser series brings in both green and red lasers, giving you a few different options or the ability to use them for different aspects of your job. Indoor visibility of the regular series rotary lasers is 150 feet, while the Tough series can reach out 200 feet indoors. With a detector, that range is drastically extended by a factor of 10, with the regular series reaching 1,500 feet and the Tough series reaching 2,000 feet. Though both laser systems are designed to be DeWalt tough, the Tough series has additional ruggedized features to prevent it from damage that is all too common on job sites. They are also self leveling, helping safe setup and calibration time on the job site and weigh in at a svelte two pounds to make them even easier to move around to where they're needed most. The regular series has a single axis slope mode and up plumb spot, while the tough series delivers a double axis slope mode and both up and down plumb spots.

As you can see, Dewalt's line of rotary lasers provide a significant advantage and serious performance for the money you invest in them. If you still have questions about rotary lasers in general or this specific line of these tools available from DeWalt, please feel free to contact our experienced, knowledgeable associates today for more details. We're always happy to help you keep your job site moving.

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