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Construction Technology Tools: How the Data Vault Keeps You Going Categories: construction March 13, 2017 By Star Sales

Construction Technology Tools: How the Data Vault Keeps You Going

Even in an industry as timeless as construction, technology and the digital revolution are making huge changes in how we work on a daily basis.

But how do you provide connectivity and accessibility to technology on a construction site that is often dusty, dirty, wet and exposed to the elements?

The sharp minds at Knaack have developed a great solution: the Data Vault. Part toolbox and part tech center, the Data Vault is designed specifically for the construction industry and all the challenges it faces on a daily basis. Read on or watch this video for more details about how the Data Vault can give you all the technology you need to keep your crew rolling right along.

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Whether you want a better way to digitally secure your DeWalt Connected 20v Max batteries to prevent them from wandering off the work site or the crew just really wants to see that awesome touchdown pass over their break, the Data Vault provides superior connectivity. It can be used to sync devices over a number of different platforms that are either hard-wired or wireless and is compatible with PCs and wireless routers. It can also provide network connectivity for sensors in your equipment, allowing for monitoring of systems for preemptive repairs before a breakdown takes place.


Constructed from high quality steel, the Data Vault is specifically constructed to prevent theft of your expensive digital assets while at the same time creating a durable case that provides significant protection against work site hazards. Independent internal locking hatches allow you to secure specific assets while allowing your crew to still have access to the digital assets and information they need to keep the job site moving. And if you didn't save your work recently? It's okay, because the independent power source that prevents data loss when you lose power on the job site.


The Data Vault provides a number of ways to boost productivity on the work site, from access to building information modeling through an on-board display to adaptability to a wide range of products. It can help keep your entire crew informed about changes to specs, new requirements that have been added and similar information that would otherwise be difficult to spread out to your entire team without significant effort. An included white board makes it easy to sketch out details that are otherwise hard for crew members to understand.


But how do you get the Data Vault where it needs to go? That's been taken into account as well. The Vault can be easily rolled using attached castors, moved using a forklift or lifted into position with an available crane lift kit. It's also of a convenient width to easily fit through 36" doorways, making it much easier to maneuver whether your job site is a building under construction or renovations to a small area of a structure. An in-box power supply provides four GFCI outlets for better protection of your data assets.

The Data Vault helps bring together all the information and technology you need on the job site without risking damage to your expensive digital components. If you think the Data Vault can help you make your crew more productive, but still have questions or need further information, please feel free to contact one of our experienced associates today. At Star Sales, we believe that our job is keeping your job site rolling.

Photo Credit: Knaack

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