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A Dive Into Bosch Corded & Cordless Concrete Chipping Hammer Drills Categories: construction, power tools January 07, 2019 By Star Sales

A Dive Into Bosch Corded & Cordless Concrete Chipping Hammer Drills

Whether you're working on a serious retrofit project or just need to add some concrete anchors to your latest pour, finding the right chipping hammer drill that can handle the job is a tough task to accomplish. Fortunately, we're making it easier by providing you with a deep dive into Bosch's line of corded and cordless chipping hammer drills. Here's a look at what we found to help you make the right decision for your work site conditions.

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Let's start by taking a look at the difference between the options available

It used to be that if you had to have a hammer drill, you had to have AC power available. That's not necessarily true anymore, as cordless battery technology has advanced over the decades. Though they still don't have quite the staying power that their corded counterparts can deliver, cordless chipping hammer drills do a good job of keeping up with most basic tasks and provide a solid way to get work done on the job site when power is at a premium or extension cords just won't get the job done, whether due to safety or practical considerations.

That being said, Bosch has always been at the forefront of developing new battery technology that keeps up with the contractor-grade performance of their tools. They've developed a number of different cordless options that help get the job done effectively without spending as much time on the charger. One option to consider is their line of 18V Brute Tough tools, which deliver strong performance when plugging in a corded tool isn't an option. Compared to prior generation batteries, their new generation delivers up to 80% more power, with their 1/2" HDH183-B24 hammer drill delivering up to 663 foot-pounds of torque where it's needed most. The fast charger used with the new battery system brings the batteries up to 80% in about 40 minutes, giving you a fast turn-around time when you need to keep things moving on the job site.

However, when you need to drive some serious performance, Bosch's corded line of 1" Bulldog Xtreme Hammer Drills deliver some of the strongest, most reliable performance on the market. It features a dust-collection attachment to help contractors stay in compliance with OSHA's new silica regulations, working best on drilling diameters between 5/8" and 1-3/8", but can accommodate drilling diameters up to 2-1/2" by removing the brush ring. It fits in with Bosch's Pro-Guard dust collection system, while the Vario-Lock chisel positioning system allows your crew to optimize their work angle to get the job done. The internal hammer clutch allows the torque transmission to be disengaged in the event of a bindup. With a strong 8.0 amp motor and delivering from 0-5,800 BPM and 2.0 foot-pounds of impact energy per strike, the Bulldog delivers solid performance that goes above and beyond expectations.

By having a better grasp of what options are available and which ones work best for your situation, you can quickly find the right chipping hammer drill for your project or work site. If you're not quite certain exactly which model is best for your particular project, the experienced professionals at Star Sales are always ready to help. Please feel free to contact us today if you have any questions, need more details on a particular model or want help putting together a quote for your next project.

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