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Rock Your Workshop with the New Bosch 5-Inch Dual-Mode Sander Categories: power tools, construction September 24, 2019 By Star Sales

Rock Your Workshop with the New Bosch 5-Inch Dual-Mode Sander

Ready to take your refinishing work up a notch with a truly versatile sander? The tool developers at Bosch have developed a new dual-mode 5-inch sander for consumers who want a tough, multi-purpose sander without stepping up into their 6-inch sander line. But is it the right tool for your needs? Here's a look at how this dynamic new tool can be a great addition to your shop's functionality.

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Bosch has recently come out with a new 6-inch random orbital sander with a dual-mode option, but now they've released its little brother in a 5-inch format, the GET65-5N. It delivers all of the functionality of the 6-inch model, with the same basic features, only some slightly different specifications to match the smaller style, though these changes actually add up to better versatility in the 5-inch model.

It has a couple of different grip options, with an auxiliary handle for when you need to really bear down, but also a head that is padded and shaped like a palm sander for easier work. With removable extraction tubes for dust control, a removable pad guard to prevent "oops" moments, variable speed and a slim handle, it's a comfortable piece for working on a carefully-crafted piece.

What makes this sander stand out from the crowd is the dual-mode switch, which changes its operation from a regular random orbit sander to a turbo direct-drive sander that features an eccentric orbit to help remove material up to three times faster. In fact, it's being compared to belt sanders in terms of material removal speed, giving you additional functionality in a single tool, saving you space in your workshop.

Weighing in at a svelte 5.3 pounds, it rotates at speeds between 188 to 436 RPM, with 3,100 to 7,200 OPM with no load. It has an orbit radius of 2.25 mm, which we'll discuss below in terms of what this means for your work. The 5-inch version draws 6.5 amps, a lower amount of power by an amp at 115V, which shows up at slightly faster speeds for the 6-inch version. The sander has separate controls for speed and power, making it easier to find the exact setting you need for your project. It fits into most shop drawers and cubbyholes easily with a small profile of 5.5" tall, 5.8" wide and 13.7" long.

If you're wondering why you should purchase this one, bear in mind that the smaller size will work better for some applications or users who have smaller hands. The orbit radius is half that of the 6-inch sander, providing a finer finish, while the 6-inch version is more aggressive at material removal. This means that you'll be able to have the advantage of a finer finish with the normal orbital sander mode while enjoying faster material removal with the turbo erratic orbital sander mode, giving you two different options in the same piece of equipment.

Are you considering adding this dynamic, versatile 5-inch sander to your workshop's lineup? If you are, you may still have questions or want more information before making a final decision. Fortunately, the experienced associates at Star Sales are always happy to help you make the right decision for your needs. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions, to gather more details or to see about getting the Bosch GET65-5N for your workshop.

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