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Safety Equipment

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Whether it's construction, road work, a home improvement project or any other instance where you'll be using tools, safety should always be your number one priority. Improper use of tools and a lack of safety equipment can turn a safe jobsite into a dangerous one quickly. Which is why at Star Sales we've given you plenty of options to make sure all of your safety needs are covered and your jobsite remains an injury-free one.

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Safety Equipment Product Brands

Pyramex Safety


Pyramex has become one of the world’s leading providers of safety products by delivering innovative and stylish product lines.

DeWalt Drill


DeWalt is an American brand that has been making power and pneumatic tools for the construction and woodworking industries since 1924.



Makita sells a variety of filter masks, respirators, and other safety equipment in addition to their assortment of power and hand tools.


Allsafe SMC

AllSafety offers almost every piece of safety equipment you would need on a jobsite, from first aid kits and helmets to portable restrooms.



3M's selection of safety equipment spans several different industries, from road safety and construction to chemical and water safety.


DBI Sala

DBI Sala manufactures a variety of fall protection products like harnesses and restraints designed to keep you safe from falls on the jobsite..

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