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Power tools have come a way since the first electric hand drill over 120 years ago. From drills and saws run on electric motors to cordless tools fueled with rechargeable batteries, these advances can be attributed to one thing: innovation. At Star Sales, we've given you a wide selection of some of the most innovative and high-tech products on the market, ensuring you'll get your job done quicker and more efficiently.

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Power ToolsProduct Brands

DeWalt Drill


DeWalt is an American brand that has been manufacturing power and hand tools for the construction and woodworking industries since 1924.

Bosch drill bits


Looking for power tools? Bosch specializes in power tools and power tool accessories, including saw blades and variety of different bits.

Makita Tools


When it comes to power tools Makita continues to push the envelope in tool innovation, offering some of the most high-tech tools in the industry.

Milwaukee Tools


Milwaukee prides itself on continuing to provide innovative and trade-specific solutions for power tool performance and durability.

Core Bore

Core Bore

From Diamond Products, the widest selection of core rigs and core bits give you the advantage with over a thousand custom ways to build your own rig.

Delta Machinery


With nearly 90 years of expertise in the woodworking business, Delta Machinery has become one of the most revered brands in woodworking tools.

Metabo Tools


The name Metabo, with origins from the first ever hand drill, has always stood for high-grade quality products from professionals for professionals.

Pacific Laser Systems


Pacific Laser Systems laser tools were developed to give contractors the ability to transfer layout reference lines and points for any job site task.

Senco Tools


At worksites and workplaces all around the globe, Senco fasteners and tools contribute to the productivity and success of hardworking professionals.

Skil Tools


Since developing the first portable circular saw, the Skil product line has expanded to feature more than 100 innovative tools.

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