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Part of Star Sales' dedication to customer service includes our power tool repair service. Though we've always had a service department, we decided over a decade ago to renovate an area specifically for power tool repairs. We stock a full line of parts inventory for all major brands. Whether you've got corded or cordless tools, pneumatic or powder-actuated tools, we can help get your tools back into the best possible condition with our factory-trained, experienced technicians. Whatever the tool brand, we can work on fixing it for you so that you can get back to work.

    We always have four well-trained tool technicians on staff working on your tool repair needs. They're trained at the manufacturer's locations so that we have technical support directly with the manufacturer to answer any questions that they don't already know the answers to. Our goal is to return your tools to you in as close to new condition as we can possibly manage. Whether you need corded, cordless, pneumatic, powder-actuated, sprayers, jackhammers or other tools repaired, we'll do our very best to return it to you as close to factory-new as we can. Even if it's a simple matter such as an electrical issue, we still fully calibrate your tool before it's returned to you.

It doesn't matter what brand your tool is, Star Sales can try to help you fix it. Unlike competitors who only service one or two brands, we designed our service department to cater to all brands of tools. We stock a full line of parts in our inventory for all major brands to help ensure that we can turn around your tool repair as quickly as possible, so that you can get back to work. Because so few facilities offer the level of service that Star Sales provides, we have customers ship tools to us from all over the country, because they know that working with our repair service means they'll get the quality they deserve. Whether you prefer DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee or any other brand of tools, we'll service them and get you back on the job site as quickly as possible.

Have you ever worked with a shop that wants to charge you a large fee just to look at your tools? That's one of the many areas that sets Star Sales apart from the crowd. We don't charge estimate fees. If your tool isn't worth repairing, we're not going to charge you an estimating fee just to tell you that. We only charge you for the service that is actually provided if we're able to complete the repair and get your tool back into action. We're also able to do preventive maintenance on equipment, helping to keep your jobsite moving effectively.

Need training for your guys in the field so they properly operate and maintain their equipment? We've got your back. Don't want to ship your tools across the country at great expense, tying up your project? We'll get your repairs done more quickly and without the extra expense. When you work with Star Sales, you can have your tools serviced at the same company that you buy them from. As one of the only New England companies that provide this type of service, our dedication to extreme quality and attention to detail while providing strong value makes us stand out from the crowd.

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