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At Star Sales we strive to give you the best quality quality available, and if we can't find it we make it. Our Posi-Grip® Fasteners are designed to exceed standards while increasing work speed and cost-efficiency. With over 250 combinations of size and finish ranging from drywall screws to self-drilling screws and everything in between, you'll be sure to find the perfect fastener for your project.

POSI-GRIP®, POSI-SET®, POSI-FIT® are registered trade names of Star Sales & Distributing Corp.

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Posi-Grip Screws


These screws are internationally recognized as a premier quality fastener and are manufactured under strict guidelines in an ISO 9002 approved factory to exceed ATSM standards.

Posi-Fit Nails


These Standard grade drywall, concrete & tek screws provide our customers with a consistent quality product at a competitive price that they need to compete in today’s marketplace.

Posi-Set Screws


These superior quality common nails & collated nails provide our customers with a wide variety of framing, roofing, finishing & stapling options that fit most brand name pneumatic tools.

Posi-Grip Fasteners Job Site Videos

1 Dalton Street

Daniel MacKinnon discusses with Component Assembly how posi-grip fasteners have assisted with the 1 Dalton Street job site build.

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