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Whether you need specially-ordered doors to fit your needs or a door that is customized to your specifications, Star Sales' Door Shop and Custom Welding Service will exceed your expectations every time. If you need special preparations made for your business, home or facility doorways, we'll go beyond simply providing a door for you. Our experienced team will help you determine and design the preparations required to meet your needs. Whether you have a specification from your architect or just need a little help designing the right solution for your situation, we're ready to help. Our speedy service means we immediately order your special-order item or get started on adapting the door in question to your exact needs.

    Though we stock a wide range of metal and birch doors, we can special order any type of door you may need for your project. Anything goes, whether you need a specific species of wood or a particular type of hollow metal door. We can get doors that have a specific STC rating to reduce sound transmission, ballistics rating for security situations, fire doors for safety and any number of other options. Need double doors? We can set up both your active and inactive sides to work effectively for your situation. At Star Sales, we can accommodate virtually any need that a customer may have for a specialty door project.

Sometimes you have a project where you need to gain value without compromising the project specifications for that door. When you're stuck in a situation like this, Star Sales is here to help. We've regularly helped clients in the past with value engineering their project, providing a wide range of potential options that will meet the specifications at a more cost-effective price point. Some of these projects have been very simple to put together for our clients, while others require more extensive research or talking with manufacturers to get pricing worked out for special orders.

Have you found the door that you need, but it's just not quite right? We can customize your metal door in a wide range of ways to meet your needs. We're able to add in vision panels, flush bolts or any type of preparation that you can imagine. If you need hardware reinforcements on your door jams, headers, parallel arms or other parts of your door, we can deliver strong results that will stand the test of time. Need work done on a door or frame already in place? For many situations, we can relocate a crew to the field to get the job done, even for something as adding in a lockset prep.

At Star Sales, we respect your time and the timeline of your project. You'll find that dedication reflected in our fast turnaround and response time for your project. As soon as you place the order, we get started immediately so that your project can roll forward quickly. Rather than having to make an appointment or place an order weeks in advance, our team can get your project done very quickly so that you can get on with it. We've even worked on projects that we were able to turn around in the same day, delivering the kind of superior customer service you've come to expect from the professionals here.

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