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When it comes to providing superior service, the Door and Frame Estimating Department at Star Sales is a swinging success! Our experienced team prepares estimates for our customers for our hollow metal doors, frames and hardware using a range of sources. Whether you're working from professional blueprints and need to know how much a particular product will be, ideas on creating more cost-effective solutions that meet your needs or help figuring out how to find the perfect product for your specific situation, we've got you covered. Our speedy service doesn't wait days or weeks before bothering to order your special-order item; we hop on it immediately and get your order turned around as quickly as possible. Keep reading for more details on the Star Sales difference.

    Whether your plans are downloaded from an internet site or hand-drafted by the finest architect in the area, we can help you read those plans to determine exactly what you need and prepare an estimate accordingly. Instead of trying to puzzle through those complicated specifications on your own, you can send in or bring in your blueprints and we'll use our expertise to go over them with a fine-toothed comb, ensuring that you are ordering the exactly specified part that your plans require to get the job done right.

Sometimes you have a project where you need to gain value without compromising the project specifications for that door. When you're stuck in a situation like this, Star Sales is here to help. We've regularly helped clients in the past with value engineering their project, providing a wide range of potential options that will meet the specifications at a more cost-effective price point. Some of these projects have been very simple to put together for our clients, while others require more extensive research or talking with manufacturers to get pricing worked out for special orders.

Some projects can leave you feeling out of your depth. Not to worry... We can help! Star Sales has regularly worked with customers over the years who have felt this way, whether it was because they weren't quite sure what they needed to get the job done or they want to make sure that they're measuring their doorway just perfectly. In these situations, we've made arrangements to meet with the customer, assess the overall situation, discover exactly what they want to achieve in their project and help them find the right solutions. We'll even walk you through the process of installing your new frame or door to make sure you're comfortable with the project.

If you've ever had it happen before, you know how frustrating it can be. You talk to a sales rep at your local lumber yard or home improvement store. You decide exactly what door you want and place your order - you think. You check back after a week to find out that they've been waiting for a few more special orders before even bothering to talk to the manufacturer to make it more cost-effective for their operation. In the meantime, you were hoping your new door was already being manufactured. Fortunately, when you work with Star Sales, this is a thing of the past. We have a strong respect for our customer's time and reflect that in our fast turnaround and response time. We'll get started immediately to get your project moving forward quickly.

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