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When You Need the Best: Titan Sprayers For Painting and Spraying Categories: power tools, construction July 14, 2017 By Star Sales

When You Need the Best: Titan Sprayers For Painting and Spraying

When painting, staining and spraying is your occupation, you know that you're only as good as your tools. That's why at Star Sales, we're proud to offer the best tools the industry has to offer and are proud to announce that we now have two factory-trained technicians for servicing Titan sprayers. Titan offers one of the best warranties in the industry on its products, so we thought we'd give you a preview of the high-quality commercial sprayers they offer.

Impact Series Electric Airless:

The Impact series offers a cylinder that never requires replacing and weighs 20% less than the nearest competitor's model. At the same time, the Intelligent Motor Control feature works to prolong motor life and lower wear and tear on the unit.

Capspray Series HVLP:

With a range from 3-stage to 6-stage operations, the Capspray provides higher transfer efficiency rates up to 90%. The dirty filter warning light and dual air filters help prolong the system's effective lifespan.

General Construction CTA


The Flexspray system delivers the productivity of a 413 tip airless sprayer with the control you would only expect from a 4-stage HVLP system. It's also been designed to meet a wide range of finishing needs, from exterior and interior paints to fine finishes.

PowrTwin Series Gas Airless:

When you need to finish a large scale project quickly and don't want to mess with a generator or power cords on a difficult work site, the PowrTwin series is here. It easily converts to outside electric and delivers between 1.1 and 3.15 gallons per minute.

Advantage GPX Series Gas Airless:

No power? No problem--at least with the Advantage GPX series. Designed specifically with remote or no power sites in mind, it features durable motors ranging from 37.7cc to 211cc to deliver between 0.33 and 2.2 gallons per minute.

Hydra Series Gas Airless:

Do you need to move some seriously thick material through your sprayer? The Hydra series hydraulics can deliver serious potential. Architectural coatings, mastics, drywall mud epoxies--this series delivers it all at a rate of up to 3.3 gallons per minute.

MultiFinish 440 Air Assisted Airless:

When you need a truly airless system that deals well with most finishes, the MultiFinish gives you performance whether you're working with latex or thin stain. It's the efficiency you'd expect from an electronically-controlled compressor.

PowrLiner Series:

Do you need to mark concrete, pavement, sports turf or other flat areas? The PowrLiner series gives you a wide range of options from basic strong entry level performance to PermaStroke technology that is pistonless with no packings to replace or maintain.

PowrTex Series:

Need to lay down texture or architectural coatings that most sprayers balk at? The PowrTex series delivers strong results. Available in both gas and electric versions, pressure is adjustable from 400-3300 PSI for thin to heavy coatings.

Having the right equipment for your spraying rig can mean all the difference between a job well done and customer complaints that cost you time and profitability. Titan sprayers can go a long way to helping you stand out from the crowd.

If you're interested in learning more about these high-quality tools, please feel free to contact the experienced associates at Star Sales today for more information. At Star Sales, our focus is helping you keep your job rolling.

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