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Safety Focus: Werner's Podium Ladders and LEANSAFE Ladder Features Categories: safety, construction July 31, 2019 By Star Sales

Safety Focus: Werner's Podium Ladders and LEANSAFE Ladder Features

Construction can be a very dangerous job, and working at heights just makes it more so. However, the developers at Werner have always been at the top of the industry, developing a range of safety features and ladder types to help make this part of the job safer. Here's a quick look at two of the better options they have available, which we at Star Sales are happy to carry.

General Construction CTA
Sturdy Podium Ladders
When your work involves having to reach out across an area to get the job done, a podium ladder can provide you with a sturdy work platform and basic rails to keep your crew safe. Though it's otherwise laid out in a general stepladder design, podium ladders have a solid platform partway up the ladder, with the top of the ladder forming a railing to help prevent falls. Toe guards help keep your workers from accidentally stepping off of the edge of the platform, while a full set of rear horizontals are simple to use.
This helps keep your workers from having to lean and work around the top of the ladder, creating a precarious situation that can cause the ladder to fall. The top rail includes a number of depressions to help hold tools and other items, keeping them from falling down and saving significant time spent climbing down and finding them again. The sturdy platform allows workers to safely rotate around while keeping both feet safely on the platform, improving their range of motion. Traction-Tred legs provide a strong, no-slip grip on the ground to keep the ladder secure when your workers are aloft.
LEANSAFE Ladder Options
When you work in framing, on poles or otherwise have only precarious places to lead your ladders, Werner's new LEANSAFE ladder system provides a range of new possibilities for safety on the job site. With a unique contoured top, the ladder can fit against either flat surfaces such as walls, or where the central notch is cut out, can be fit into corners, studs or poles while still providing a secure connection. The ladder system includes Werner's Edge 360 feature to help keep the base of the ladder safe and secure while it's in use. This incorporates a non-marring footpad that will prevent slipping while protecting the flooring that you're working on.
The LEANSAFE ladders can be used as either a stepladder or as a leaning ladder, reducing the number of ladders you need to keep on hand to get the job done. The simple single-latch design keeps the front and rear rails connected while the ladder is being used in a leaning format, while still providing enough clearance to allow the ladder to be used very close to the post it's being leaned against. Its distinctive two-color design and LEANSAFE logos make it easy to spot on the job site, ensuring that regular stepladders are not being used inappropriately in its place.

By taking safety seriously on the job site and providing safe ladder options for your crew, you can reduce the risk of injury to your workers. If you're not quite sure exactly which options are best for your job site or type of work, the associates at Star Sales can help. Please feel free to contact us today for more information, with any questions or to place an order.

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