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Werner Podium Ladder: An Upgrade Over Traditional Step Ladders Categories: safety, construction April 02, 2018 By Star Sales

Werner Podium Ladder: An Upgrade Over Traditional Step Ladders

When you spend a lot of time going up and down ladders, you know that the quality of the ladder in question can make a huge difference in terms of safety and productivity. Werner has developed their podium ladder with these aspects of the job in mind. But is the podium ladder really any better than a traditional step ladder? Keep reading to find out.

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We've all been there. You get near the top of your step ladder, and you're still not close enough to what you're trying to reach because of the angle. You're trying to balance your tools and supplies on a tiny, fold-down shelf that really isn't sturdy at all. You need to get to the top, but don't have any support to prevent yourself from falling. You finish a task on one side, then have to get down, reposition the ladder and go back up just to reach the task that was right behind you. These are just a few of the many grievances a lot of people have with a traditional step ladder.

Fortunately, the innovative minds at Werner have developed a solution. The Werner Podium Ladder helps you work around many of the issues people tend to run into with traditional step ladders. The LOCKTOP extended guard rail provides a great place to grab without getting in the way of the tasks you're trying to perform. The Podium Gate, available separately, provides you with additional safety and accident protection while still allowing the user to turn around fully to deal with multiple tasks in the same area.

It also features a number of other accessories that are helpful when you need to secure tools and materials, including a paint cup, paint cup liners and a bucket. Because these accessories lock in place on the LOCKTOP, you don't need to worry about chasing after those tools or supplies that just fell off a flimsy shelf. The extra-large platform at the top is up to four times the size of a traditional stepladder. This makes it easy to get comfortable and move as is needed to get the job done, while the integrated toe guard allows you to determine your position on the platform without having to take your eyes off of the task at hand.

Other features to bear in mind include the full aluminum bracing, while the full set of rear horizontals help keep things more stable. Werner's EDGE360 protects ladder's bottom from all angles with its integrated rail shield. The oversized foot pads make it much easier to get up and down the ladder quickly, helping keep you productive and letting you move quickly when a situation arises that requires fast movement, whether it's for a fast re-supply trip or to get out of the way of an unexpected hazard.

The differences between Werner's podium ladder and a traditional step ladder are very significant and worth consideration. If you're looking at purchasing a new ladder, wouldn't you prefer one that will deliver better results? If you need help finding the perfect ladder for your project, please feel free to contact the experienced associates at Star Sales today for more details, with any questions or to place an order. At Star Sales, our job is keeping your job moving.

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