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Introducing Werner's Max Patrol Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lifelines Categories: construction, safety November 07, 2018 By Star Sales

Introducing Werner's Max Patrol Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lifelines

Do you have a crew you need to keep moving with a high-performance lifeline? In June our partner, Werner, announced their new Leading Edge option in its Max Patrol Leading Edge lifeline product line. This line has been recently released for sale to contractors and the general public. It's got safety experts excited. Charlie Gertson, Safety Specialist for UTF, comments "This is an exciting new product from Werner... It can be used in so many various applications." But how is it different than other lifelines and how can it keep your crew working effectively without compromising their safety or comfort? Here's a quick look at this dynamic new product from Werner.

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To start, Werner's former Max Patrol Self-Retracting lifelines were only intended for non-leading edge work, a relatively common issue in self-retracting lifelines. However, the addition of the leading edge model has come about with the restriction to an overhead-use fall arrest distance of 24" or less, making it a safer option for these difficult-to-work areas. It's designed to be used effectively over steel beams, with precast concrete options and on b-deck situations, making it adaptable to a wide range of work sites and types.

At the same time, the self-retracting option provides for better performance on the job site. Not only can self-adjusting systems leave rope on the work surface, a potential safety hazard, it also takes significant time from your crew's daily work schedule as they have to stow tools, mess with the adjustment of the lifeline length, move to a new position, adjust the length yet again, then recover tools to resume work. A self-retracting option allows your crew to keep their tools in hand and quickly cross from one position to another with minimal downtime between work points.

At the core of the entire system is Werner's dynamic and tough Max Patrol system, which has developed a strong reputation for excellence and durable performance since it was introduced. The products in this line have been developed to be lightweight but strong, making them compact and easy to move around the job site or from location to location around your different projects. They deliver real results for your crew, allowing them to stay active and avoid potential issues caused by traditional lifeline systems.

The system as a whole is built to last, with a tough polymer housing on a swivel top connection, a carry handle for easy transportation, durable labels and shock pack cover to aid inspection, strong 3/16" galvanized steel cable for all-weather durability, and the capability of supporting workers weight up to 400 pounds, giving even the big guys on your crew a solid leadline option that allows them to perform even when weighed down with some serious power tools and supplies. The system as a whole meets or exceeds ANSI z359.14, Class A and OSHA Standards

When you need to get the best possible safety, comfort and performance out of your crew, Werner's Max Patrol Leading Edge Self-Retracting lifelines combine well with their wide range of harness and anchor options to deliver solid results. As one of Star Sales' partners, we're able to get you whatever Werner fall protection, climbing and other equipment you may need. Please feel free to contact our experienced associates today to learn more, with any questions or to order the right solutions for your project.



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