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An In-Depth Look at the Werner Fall Protection System Categories: safety, construction August 07, 2018 By Star Sales

An In-Depth Look at the Werner Fall Protection System

With falling being the top of the Fatal Four in construction, there's no doubt that fall protection should be a big part of your overall safety plan. But what approach should you take? The folks at Werner have developed a fall protection system that's designed specifically for the rigors of construction work.

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Here's a look at what they have to offer and how it can help your crew remain safe on the job:

  • Harnesses:

    Harnesses need to be adjustable to a range of different people, easy to inspect for damaged components, provide safe performance and have the ability to be manipulated after a fall. Werner's ProForm F3 Harness provides a comfortable and more athletic fit for professionals who are regularly working on heights. The Blue Armor 1000 includes a built-in WebAlert inspection system while the 2000 provides additional padding on the back and shoulders. The LiteFit delivers solid basic protection for your crew.
  • Lanyards:

    Lanyards absorb the shock of the fall, transferring the kinetic energy to the lanyard rather than the worker in the harness. Werner's DeCoil series implements their DCELL Shock Pack, providing controlled tearing to decelerate the falling worker, while their SoftCoil system disperses the kinetic energy along the entire length of the lanyard.
  • Anchor Connections:

    Of course, your harness and lanyard are only as good as what's holding those devices to the structure you're working from. Whether you need concrete anchors that securely hold you to the structure while still remaining reusable, sliding I-beam anchors or tough cross-arm straps to hold you in place, Werner has the anchors you need.
  • Self-Retracting Lifelines:

    If you're working across a wider area or need both hands on the job at all times, a self-retracting lifeline is a great option to consider. Instead of constantly adjusting ropes while trying to balance tools or materials, a retractable lifeline picks up the slack for you, making it easier to keep moving. Werner's version is easily inspected due to its modular construction.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Lifelines:

    Whether you're working up a sloped roof or across it, having the right lifeline in the right configuration is vital to keeping your crew safe. By working along the length of a vertical lifeline or horizontal lifeline, your crew can quickly and easily access the areas they need without having to stop to constantly adjust safety lines.
  • Compliance Kits and Accessories:

    What if you're just getting off the ground? Maybe your business requires some other options. Werner has a wide range of pre-assembled kits that already have everything you need, including lifeline lengths, harness features and similar factors that help you get started quickly with crew safety. Whether you need padding for an existing harness to work comfortably, a tool belt specifically designed to work with the harness system or a D-ring extender that makes it easier to latch on, Werner has all the fall protection accessories you'll need.

By having the right equipment on hand for your crew, you can help reduce the serious hazard from falling on the job site. If you're not quite sure exactly which parts of the system will work best for your team and project, the experienced associates at Star Sales are always ready to help. Please feel free to contact the experienced associates at Star Sales for more information or to get a quote on fall protection equipment for your crew.

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