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The Basics on Mohawk's 5-Ply Platinum Series Door Collection Categories: doors December 17, 2016 By Star Sales

The Basics on Mohawk's 5-Ply Platinum Series Door Collection

When you need a high quality door, there are few as exceptional as the Mohawk Platinum Series. Featuring a variety of core options, these doors have five plys that have been proven over time to provide a lifetime of performance. When you need a door that will not only deliver a beautiful appearance but also strong performance, the Platinum Series is where you need to look.

Overall Series Features

Framed and crossbanded with quality hardwood, these doors come in 1-3/8" and 1-3/4" thicknesses with stiles and rails bonded to the core, then planed and cut to size prior to having A grade, book and running appearance match veneer attached using a cross-linked Type 1 polyvinyl acetate adhesive.
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Particle Core

Mohawk's Particle Core door provides a solid core option that meets a more economical budget. Featuring an average density of 30 pcf that meets the LD-1 standard, these doors are also available with 32 pcf which meets the LD-2 standard by special order. The particle core doors produced by Mohawk conforms to and exceed the ANSI A-208.1 standard, ensuring you receive a quality product that will deliver serious performance for years to come.

Stave Lumber Core

If you want a lumber core door, the stave lumber core manufactured by Mohawk can deliver superior quality when compared to most in the industry. The glued block core is designed to meet or exceed the AWI Quality Standards. Standard construction uses softwood lumber for the stave core, but hardwood stave cores are available with a special order if you need even higher performance and durability from your new doors.

Structural Composite Core

If you need to gain even more stability than a stave lumber core door can deliver, the structural composite core will deliver serious results. Manufactured using a low-density hardwood composite, this door provides overall superior properties and more stability due to its engineered interior core structure.

Mineral Core

If you need superior fire protection combined with the beauty of a wood door, the mineral core available from Mohawk delivers. It features an incombustible mineral core that does not contain asbestos to comply with current label requirements. These doors meet Mohawk?s standard rating for neutral or negative pressure situations, however, positive pressure rating is available through 90 minutes in these high-quality doors.

With all these options and a standard lifetime limited warranty, it's easy to see why Mohawk's Platinum Series is one of the longest-lasting door systems in existence. But beyond these features, there are also options available including other veneer set, pair and transom matches, many other thicknesses, blocking and rail configurations upon customer request. If you would like to know more about the Mohawk Platinum Series or need to place an order for one of these high-quality doors, please feel free to contact our experienced associates today for further information. At Star Sales, our job is making sure your project keeps moving forward.

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