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Ten Safety Products You Absolutely Need On Your Jobsite Categories: safety, construction November 29, 2016 By Star Sales

Ten Safety Products You Absolutely Need On Your Jobsite

Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet, with the "fatal four" accident types of slip and fall, electrocutions, being struck or being caught between or in machinery accounting for over 60% of work site accidents. What do you need to have on your jobsite to keep your crew working productively and safely? This quick list of ten must-have safety products will help you ensure your crew stays safe from on the job accidents.

1. Personal protective equipment.

Why is this first? Because it's the very first items your crew will need to stay safe on the job site and should be your first line of defense against injury. Gloves, knee pads, hearing protection, eye protection: all these items help keep your crew functioning safely on a daily basis.

2. Visibility aids.

Whether you're working on the side of the road or just in a dark building, safety vests, shirts and similar aids to visibility help ensure your crew can be seen while making it easier to perform a fast nose count during an emergency.

3. Fall arrest systems.

As one of the fatal four, falls account for a wide range of accidents and deaths every year. Fall arrest systems and safety nets can help keep your crew safe when they're on heights.

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4. Soil stabilization.

Whether it's a trench box to keep entrance and egress routes clear or just some material laid down to keep things from sliding, soil stabilization is a big part of a safe work site.

5. Head protection.

If you have any chance at all of a member of your crew being struck by an item from above or to the side, having a hard hat that meets safety standards can save lives.

6. Electrical lock-outs.

Electrocution is another serious injury risk in the fatal four, and often can be prevented by teaching basic electrical safety and insisting that electrical lock-outs are placed on any circuits not in use to prevent accidents.

7. Safety barriers.

If you're working on scaffolding, higher levels, around trenches or holes, having safety barriers in place can help save lives. Make sure they are sturdy, of sufficient strength to catch a crew member that slides into one and are easy to see on the work site.

8. Extreme weather gear.

Whether it's cold or hot outside, your employees can suffer grievous injury from temperature extremes. Keep them working in shorter shifts and taking more frequent breaks while keeping plenty of fluids available and appropriate work clothing for the conditions.

9. Traction assistance.

Slips can lead to falls, and vehicles that can't get a good grip on the road can slide into unsuspecting crew members. Whether it's cleats on boots, regular clean-up of oily areas or laying down construction pads for soil stabilization, good traction on the jobsite is vital to crew safety.

10. Communication.

Of course, none of the equipment matters if you don't communicate with your crew. Whether it's through break-time talks that build safety culture, high-visibility signs to warn of danger or a solid radio plan, communication improves safety across the jobsite.

By keeping these product categories in mind, you'll be able to keep your crew safe and productive day after day. If you need help finding the right safety products for your crew, please feel free to contact Star Sales' experienced associates today. We're always happy to help you find a way to keep your crew rolling.

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