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Job Site #2: Sweeney Drywall Finish Systems' EF College Dorm Project Categories: construction, drywall, posi-grip fasteners December 10, 2018 By Star Sales

Job Site #2: Sweeney Drywall Finish Systems' EF College Dorm Project

At Star Sales, we know that helping our customers find the right solutions for their job site problems is our reason for existence. That's why our team of experienced associates includes Timothy Golding, Star Sales Associate in the greater Boston area. On a recent visit to EF College Dorm project, an international business and foreign language school where our customer partner Sweeney Drywall Finish Systems' was working on 240 dorms to help the college expand its operations as a fast-track project. We recorded the visit with Sweeney Drywall Finish Systems' Uke Spinazola, who stated point-blank, "If we're out of tools or anything, we'll call you! From what I've seen on this job, you guys are out here like this, which is very important cause we can't have downtime." Here's a quick overview of how some of the products we supplied worked in the field.

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  • Posi-Grip Screws:

    The team used a range of bugle-headed self-drilling drywall screws, which are able to quickly penetrate and fasten the drywall sheets into the framework on the project. The bugle-headed design of the screws from Posi-Grip include a drilling head, which allows for significantly faster installation in 14-20 gauge metal framing. This allowed Sweeney Drywall Finish Systems' a higher ease of installation and less time spent getting everything together, which is of vital importance during a fast-track project such as these college dorms.

  • DeWalt Power Tools:

    The job site used a wide range of contractor-quality DeWalt power tools, including impact drivers, driver drills, grinders, and sanding machines. The video captured the use of a wide range of DeWalt's 20-volt battery systems, a boon on a large job site with limited power available. With the fast pace of the projects, the faster working speed of the 20-volt system is appreciated by customers across the country.

  • STI Firestop:

    STI Firestop was spec on the job, so it was used throughout the entire job site to ensure that the project could be inspected quickly and easily, allowing for the fast-track pace of the project to be kept up readily. Caulking application was used at the heads to quickly apply the product across all areas of the project, with the obviously contrasting color making the inspection process go more quickly. The company also used the spray variant of STI's products for the edges of slabs for faster, easier application across the board. When fire safety is a potential issue in dorm construction, STI Firestop products deliver high-quality results.

Mr. Spinazola had more praise for our company's attention to their project and focus on customer service, "Star Sales has been a huge benefit on this job, just because of the speed of the job. If we're down anything, you know, they're out here immediately which is a huge benefit on a fast-paced project like this." At Star Sales, we consider our customers like Sweeney Drywall Finish Systems' projects to be our top priority, and finding the right solutions to get the job done is vital to helping them succeed in the field. Do you have a project coming up where you could use some expert advice getting things started on the right foot? Our team of experienced associates is standing by to help you find the right solutions at the right time and the right price. Please feel free to reach out today to discover how we can help make your job site more efficient and profitable than ever.

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