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Star Sales' Welding Services: How We Deliver on Custom Orders Categories: welding, doors February 06, 2017 By Star Sales

Star Sales' Welding Services: How We Deliver on Custom Orders

At Star Sales, we realized recently that there was one special service we offered that many of our clients are not aware of. Our welding and fabrication shop is designed to meet a wide range of needs for our customers. But what kind of options do we have available for our customers? Here's a quick view at our shop, our capabilities and how to get started with our custom welding services.

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Short Circuit MIG Welding for High Quality Welds

Our welding and fabrication shop offers a full range of services to our clients using high quality short circuit MIG welding systems.

However, many of our clients aren't familiar with this type of welding. Short circuit welding works exceptionally well on thinner material, such as is often found in door frames and door panels that otherwise can be distorted by more conventional welding machinery. Because of this aspect of this type of welding, it helps prevent burn throughs on the material being welded while producing a very low amount of spatter, reducing cleanup time and producing a uniform, attractive weld at a much more economical price that other types of welding. It works very well on mild and stainless steel, making it an excellent choice for steel doors and door frames while welding at lower amperages. It also works well with out of position welds and is excellent for reinforcing hardware.

Find Out How We Frame it Up

The shop is also capable of creating virtually any type of frame, due to the level of experience and knowledge of our welders and the equipment available in it. When you need a frame that has exacting specifications on your project, we can deliver it for you. We can also create three sided frames to give you greater flexibility in design and execution of your plans.

Light Up Your Door, Frame or Lites

When you need to improve visibility or promote the transfer of light from one room to the next, we can help. We are able to install vision kits on both doors and frames, giving you easy access to what's going on behind the door before you try to move heavy, bulky or awkward items through it. We also work with borrowed lites & side lite frames, allowing you to have a more customized appearance or functionality from an otherwise basic door or lite.

Reinforce Your Hardware Specifications

Do you need hardware reinforced for a specific need? We're able to do that. Certain types of hardware require reinforcement to do the job you need it to, and we can help. Short circuit MIG welding works well with a wide range of steel material and is able to tolerate fit up issues with welding quite well. If you need your hardware to go above and beyond in performing the work you expect from it, we can help get it where it needs to be.

As you can see, our custom welding and fabrication shop can help give your business a leg up against the competition. Do you need more information or are not sure whether our welding shop can manage your project? At Star Sales, we're always here to help. Please feel free to contact us today with information about your specific welding or fabrication request to speak to one of our knowledgeable associates.

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