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Speed up Your Drywall Install with SpeedFlex TTG Track Top Gasket Categories: construction, drywall May 22, 2017 By Star Sales

Speed up Your Drywall Install with SpeedFlex TTG Track Top Gasket

When time is money, you need to use every tool in your kit to get the job done quickly without compromising project quality. SpeedFlex TTG Track Top Gasket by STI Firestop Systems can help you meet that need by providing a faster construction joint with fire-stopping properties. Here's more information on this dynamic new product that can help you get it done faster with superior quality.

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When your crew is installing drywall that requires specific fire, smoke or sound limitation at the joints, it can take a lot of time to get the project completed using traditional fire-stopping materials. Fortunately, there's a new option available from STI Firestop Systems that can help speed up the project while delivering superior fire, smoke and sound control between panels and at the top and bottom of the wall system. SpeedFlex TTG Track Top Gasket allows you to apply the necessary fire, smoke and sound controls while building the wall structure instead of having to squeeze into small spaces after the initial installation with messy foams or drippy caulking solutions.

Designed to work with any ceiling track, the gasket works well on both standard and shaft wall construction. The svelte 0.04" (1 mm) thickness makes it easy to squeeze into tight spaces, especially where access or close quarters make other options difficult to impossible. The red color makes it easy to locate and inspect for proper installation. It's easy to cut to the right length with scissors or a sharp knife, helping you reduce waste and improve your profitability. The simple peel and stick installation means you can quickly install it and get on to other tasks. It fits most common track sizes and two varieties are pre-folded for clean, crisp coverage of your track. It's even UL certified for up to 100% movement, making it a very versatile gasket system for your drywall needs.

SpeedFlex TTG is also resistant to sagging and cracking. Its tape-like format means you don't have to worry about drips or overspray as you would with fire-retarding caulk or foam application. It also meets a number of standards. It meets ASTM E1966, ANSI/UL2079 and CAN/ULC S115 one and two hour assembly fire ratings. It meets ANSI/UL2079 air and smoke leakage standards, allowing under 1 CFM transfer per linear foot. In terms of sound reduction, it meets ASTM E 90-09 and ASTM C919 standards up to 56 STC, depending on the specific construction of the structure.

Installation is simple, with SpeedFlex TTG being centered on the track's top or alternately secured with an integral crack and peel adhesive or bands of pressure-sensitive tape, including electrical, packing, duct, masking or filament tape. You then secure the track to the floor or ceiling using code or standard practice techniques and then ensure that the flaps projecting downward are sandwiched between the drywall and steel track to complete your installation of fire retardant.

When you use SpeedFlex TTG on the job, you can get your drywall work done faster and with fewer problems than with other fire-stopping products. At Star Sales, we're here to make sure you have everything you need to get the job done quickly, efficiently and effectively. Please feel free to contact our experienced associates with any questions, to place an order or to schedule a delivery to your job site.

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