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Get Your Layouts Done Quickly With the Spectra Laser System Categories: hand tools, construction October 23, 2017 By Star Sales

Get Your Layouts Done Quickly With the Spectra Laser System

Laser levels are no new thing in the construction industry. But with advances available in digital technology, Spectra Laser has brought laser-assisted layout to a whole new level. By incorporating an Android app, you can now lay out your job site more quickly and with a much greater level of precision than has otherwise been possible using laser systems. Here's a quick look at some of the advanced features available through the QML800G QuickMark Layout System.

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QuickMark Layout Features

  • The Android app allows you to review files before you get on site, allowing you to get an idea of what you'll need to work with once you get there. Architectural files can be viewed on the tablet, allowing you to start the layout once the lasers are calibrated by simply tapping a point on the plans.
  • Setting up the system involves nothing more than aligning the two lasers together, setting a point of origin and setting the scale. After setup is complete, you'll just need to tap points on the plan to have the bright green X appear a few seconds later on your job site.
  • The lasers communicate using well-established WiFi through the Android controller. You don't need to worry about losing or breaking the controller, as it can be installed on any Android tablet that meets basic system requirements. The Clutter Buster feature allows you to work on laying out your points even with work site clutter on the job site floor.
  • A single error isn't carried over into other measurements on the job site, because the lasers always start from the same point of origin. This significantly reduces the impact of measurement or calculation errors. Calculations are all carried out by the Android tablet, making it much easier to figure out complex shapes, curves and other areas where errors are common.
  • The system can save up to half your labor for layout, paying for itself between 1-3 jobs. Because of the precision of the layout and ability to work quickly and without disturbing other areas of the job site in the process, trade conflicts are minimized. Columns can be made essentially invisible using a simple software workaround.
  • Areas that have dense layout markings required, complex curves and shapes that are difficult to lay out require virtually no work as they can be located and marked as simply as pressing a few buttons or tapping the screen in the right location. The highly intuitive tablet interface makes it easy for anyone on your crew to start the process.
  • The bright green lasers can locate a spot within five seconds. It's accurate to within 1/8" of the proper position on the job site, more accurate than many journeyman or apprentice carpenters. Your crew's layout time is reduced from days to hours, with exacting precision.

The QuickMark Layout System is an exceptional tool that will help your crew get ahead of the curve and avoid potential mistakes at the touch of a button. Is your company ready for this dynamic new technology or do you have additional questions? The experienced professionals at Star Sales are here to help. Please feel free to contact us today for more details, to get a quote or to place an order for your next project. At Star Sales, we believe that our job is keeping your job rolling.

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