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Run a Smooth as Silk Job Site With These 5 Organizational Tools Categories: construction, safety February 13, 2017 By Star Sales

Run a Smooth as Silk Job Site With These 5 Organizational Tools

When it comes to running a construction site, there are a few things that can help keep things going smoothly. Good leadership, efficient material handling and effective organization. We've found five organizational tools that can help you keep your job site running smoothly and help you and your crew get the job done and will explain how these tools work below.

Dump carts

These carts allow you to quickly move material or remove trash and scrap from your work site. You'll want to look for one that has a strong, durable rim to prevent wear at an absolute minimum.

Plastic or metal containers tend to last a long time and are easy to clean and maintain. Removable wheels also help to make maintenance easier, while a powder coated frame for durability and standard fork lift pockets help make this tool even more efficient on the job site.

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Storage containers

By adding storage containers on the job site, you create automatic organization for on-site supplies and a secure location to keep tools, preventing them from being stolen or misplaced. Consider looking at models with castors to make transitioning from one site or location within the site to another, a durable material such as metal or plastic, space underneath to facilitate transport with a fork lift, sturdy handles for moving the container by hand and options to lock the containers up to prevent unauthorized access, waste and theft.

Dust barriers

Though clean up is part of any construction project, minimizing the amount of clean up that must take place helps reduce the amount of time, energy and labor that goes into the process. Dust barriers limit the spread of project dust and debris outside of the area being worked on and contain the mess to that specific area. Look for a dust barrier that allows you to set up in a wide range of systems due to its versatility, such as telescoping, spring loaded poles that provide a point of contact that goes from floor to ceiling and is able to work with a wide range of dust barrier material.

Shop Vac

When it comes to quick work site clean up and tool maintenance, a Shop Vac makes it easy to get the job done. Available in a wide range of sizes and powers, look for one that has a locking hose to prevent annoying hose release, that can handle liquids if it is a common issue on your job and if you work in sensitive areas such as hospitals or schools, one that has a HEPA filter option to prevent the spread of allergens.

Sweeping compound

These compounds come in a wide range of options based on the type of material you're trying to clean up. These compounds can keep dust down when you're sweeping up a job site, can be absorbent to pick up oil- and water-based liquids and meet any number of other needs.

By using these tools in your job site, you can enjoy the benefits of better organization and more effective work flow. If you need help finding these tools, we can help, just contact us today with details on what you need. At Star Sales, we pride ourselves on making sure we can provide your contracting business with everything it needs to get the job done right the first time.

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