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A Quick Review of XCEL Sealant Products for Construction Categories: construction, adhesives October 01, 2018 By Star Sales

A Quick Review of XCEL Sealant Products for Construction

On construction projects, having quality sealant and adhesive can make a big difference between how well everything turns out in the end. XCEL Sealants provide a wide range of options to help you get the job done quickly and effectively. Here's a look at some of the different XCEL products offered and the different applications where they work well.

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  • Universal Bond & Seal:

    As the ultimate MS polymer adhesive sealant, it's a prime choice by professionals and homeowners. It's designed for exceptional performance. It can be used to bond, seal and mount, even in damp conditions or underwater. It features a high tensile strength of 384 pounds per square inch. It's also food grade certified, cures very quickly with a shrink-free finish, remains flexible, has high fungal and UV resistance, adheres well to wet and dry surface and is odorless.
  • Ultra Clear Bond and Seal:

    This is a transparent MS polymer adhesive sealant that's designed for performance excellence, and is perfect for color-specific applications. It has a high tensile strength of 313 pounds per square inch. It's a great option if you want a low- or no-VOC option to keep the air clean in your home or business, as it's 100% solvent free, odorless and is environmentally friendly. It's fast curing, is shrink-resistant, is fungal and UV resistant, is food grade certified and is paintable to match your decor, indoors or out.
  • Instant Grab Adhesive:

    When you need a fast grip, this instant grab MS polymer adhesive is a great choice. It was intentionally developed specifically to create a high-strength initial bond, especially for fixing large panels and heavy objects without support or mechanical fasteners and has high tensile strength of 363 pounds per square inch. It's able to cure within 24 hours without shrinking, resists shearing from vibrations and it remains flexible for long periods of time. It comes in gray and white, but is paintable.
  • Masonry Grab Adhesive:

    When you need to add cultured masonry, this specifically developed adhesive provides an excellent bond between your substrate and your finished product. It provides excellent performance as it bonds, seals and mounts your material to the base material, even underwater. The adhesive helps keep the material there securely with its high tensile strength of 426 pounds per square inch. It provides a strong, non-rigid structural bond while remaining permanently flexible. It adheres well to wet and dry surfaces alike and remains odorless.
  • Marine Bond & Seal:

    This sealant works well in a broad range of applications, including harsh, wet and damp environments. It works very effectively on virtually any substrate and provides an extremely strong and flexible bond. This makes it an excellent choice to bond components in demanding conditions, including aerospace, automotive and offshore industries. It's a solid one-component adhesive and sealant, which works well in both indoor and outdoor conditions, including odorless low- and no-VOC conditions and food grade surfaces.

By being aware of which XCEL Sealant products work best in which situations, you can better apply them to your projects and get better overall results from those projects. But what if you're not quite sure exactly which product is the best option for your specific needs? The experienced associates at Star Sales are ready to help. Please feel free to reach out today for more information, with any questions or to get a quote.

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