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Power Fasteners: A Look at Their Mechanical and Chemical Concrete Anchors Categories: screws and fasteners March 07, 2018 By Star Sales

Power Fasteners: A Look at Their Mechanical and Chemical Concrete Anchors

When it comes to developing high-quality fasteners that meet a wide range of applications, Power Fasteners provides some amazing solutions. However, though many people only consider fasteners to be hardware-related, the company has also developed a fine line of chemical concrete anchors. Here's a quick look at both the mechanical and the chemical concrete anchors that are available from Power Fasteners and in which situations they work best.

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Mechanical Concrete Anchors

Many of the mechanical anchors from Power Fasteners are code listed, making it easy to find the right anchor for your project's specifications. Their wedge expansion anchors use components that are primarily zinc-coated steel or stainless steel, depending on the specific type. They are also typically fully threaded and torque controlled, making them easy to use in the field. The PowerBolt series use a sleeve anchor created from high-quality zinc-plated carbon steel and can be driven using its standardized, high-quality hex head.

The company also features a wide range of masonry screws that are designed to take serious punishment with no serious loss of performance. Available in hex head, they allow driving of the fasteners using a driver, ratchet or other tool to get the fastener set into place and are available in both wedge-bolt and Tapper options, depending on your specific needs.

Impact, pin and nail anchors from Power Fasteners are typically worked with a hammer or similar striking object. They tend to be somewhat simpler in design than some of the other mechanical anchors and do well when work needs to be completed quickly. These generally work by deforming some portion of the anchor, making it very difficult to remove.

Chemical Concrete Anchors

There are five different chemical concrete anchor products available from Power Fasteners which work well on concrete. They are as follows:

  • AC50 Silver: AC50 Silver provides a two-part ester-based resin solution to help you anchor your metal fasteners or reinforcement to your concrete. It works very well with threaded bar and rebar hardware as well as solid masonry materials. This makes it a great option if you're going through a retrofit or remodeling and need to tie structures together effectively.
  • AC100+ Gold: Similar to the AC50 Silver two-part compound, AC100+ provides many of the same benefits, but with the advantage of already being recognized by codes. It also works well with a wide range of materials than just concrete and can be worked wet, which are a couple of the drawbacks of the AS50 Silver line.
  • Pure 50+: Though this product and the Pure 110+ products are similar to the AC series, Pure 50+ is an epoxy-based resin that can be used in either dry or wet situations.
  • Pure 110+: Pure 110+ adds a number of potential base materials to the list while otherwise meeting the same aspects as the Pure 50+ concrete anchor.
  • PE 1000: PE1000 is also a two-part epoxy foundation that can be used in the same materials as Pure 100+, with the exception of hollow block or brick. It also delivers a higher strength than the rest.

As you take the time to get to know the different options that are available for your project, you can better select the right solution for the job. But what if you're still not sure which option is the best one for your situation? At Star Sales, our job is keeping your job moving, and that includes helping you find the right solutions to make that happen. Please feel free to contact our experienced associates today for more details or with any questions about Power Fasteners' line of mechanical and chemical concrete anchors for your project.

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