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Get the Job Done Right the First Time With Posi-Grip Fasteners Categories: screws and fasteners, posi-grip fasteners July 17, 2018 By Star Sales

Get the Job Done Right the First Time With Posi-Grip Fasteners

When you're working on a project, there's nothing quite as frustrating as trying to do a quality job with substandard materials. When your fasteners strip out at the head, are too dull to pierce the material you're working on or snap partway through the driving process, it can create more issues than progress. Fortunately, Star Sales has the solution you need with our Posi-Grip line of fasteners. Here's a quick overview of what's available and how to find the perfect fasteners for your project.

But what makes the Posi-Grip system of fasteners the right choice for your next project? When you need to get the job done right the first time without wasting time, energy or materials, Posi-Grip Fasteners deliver. They are nationally recognized as a premier-quality fastener for contractors, delivering faster installation and lower wastage. The fasteners are manufactured within strict specification in a factory that is ISO 9002 approved. We've developed sharp-point screws that are able to meet or exceed the ASTM C-1002-93 Standard. Our line of self-drilling screws is able to meet or exceed C-954-86 Standard, including the ASTM C1513-13 standard. We here at Star Sales are dedicated to providing you with the best fasteners on the market.

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The Posi-Grip line of fasteners are very commonly used for professional drywall and stud installation, general construction use, HVAC and electrical services. The Posi-Grip fastener line has over 250 combinations of sizes and finishes for virtually every purpose:

  • Fine-thread screws:

    Our fine thread sharps work very well for fastening drywall to metal studs, while the trim head sharp provides a narrower head for trim attachment. For attaching metal studs to track, we recommend our pan framing sharps, while the self-piercing slotted hex washer head needle point provides excellent performance for sheet metal work. The wafer lath sharp helps attach metal or k-lathing to metal studs.
  • Self-drilling screws:

    To save time on the job, avoid having to waste time drilling with our self-drilling screws. Available in a wide range of options, these include several varieties of general-purpose self-drilling screws, thin-wafer plymetal self-drilling screws, drywall screws, pan-head and pan framing self-drilling screws, trim head self-drilling screws, phillips, hex washer head and hex head self-drilling screws.
  • Coarse thread screws:

    Rather than simple coarse-thread screws, we offer several specific options for the needs of your particular project. Our Hi-Lo screws can work well with either wood or sheet metal, while the coarse thread has an even further range of uses, such as wood to wood, wood to drywall, cabinet installation and wood decks.
  • Other specialty screws:

    But the possibilities don't stop there. We have coated screws to fit unique needs. For example, ceramic-coated screws for projects that require ACQ-approved materials, screws for mounting cement board, Tru-Grip screws with washers that attach metal panels to wood and brick-tie screws that include washers for masonry work.

Our Posi-Grip products have been designed to provide the professional end user with faster work speeds, improved cost efficiency and high-level performance and quality. This allows you to get more work done while wasting less material, quickly providing you with a solid return on your investment.

By using quality Posi-Grip fasteners on your next project, you'll end up saving time, money and frustration in the long run compared to cheap, imported fasteners that won't hold up. If you're still not quite sure which fasteners are the right ones for your situation, the experienced associates at Star Sales are always happy to help. Please feel free to contact us today to get started.

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