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Using Werner Fall Protection Equipment to Meet OSHA Requirements Categories: construction, safety November 09, 2018 By Star Sales

Using Werner Fall Protection Equipment to Meet OSHA Requirements

When your crew's safety is on the line, do you have the appropriate fall protection equipment available to keep them from harm? What about meeting OSHA requirements for fall protection? Regulations state that all construction workers at a height above six feet must have fall protection equipment. This regulation can include a safety harness with an appropriate safety line, stair and hand railings and safety nets, however, for most construction sites, safety harnesses provide an excellent choice for mobility and speed of installation. Here's a quick look at some of the fall protection equipment offered by our partner Werner.

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Werner's extensive line of fall protection equipment can help you keep your crew safe while avoiding fines due to OSHA citations. It's been developed over a number of years to provide a wide selection of products, whether you need basic safety equipment or harnesses that deliver significant comfort and performance. Here's a quick look at what's available and how this equipment can help you meet both needs:

  • Harnesses:

    Harnesses are worn on the worker's body and come in a wide range of price points and functionalities. Werner starts out their basic lines of harnesses with their BaseWear, UpGear and LiteFit lines, which provide basic protection for workers, but at limited functionality and comfort. Their Blue Armor line provides a range of solid functionality with a number of features that help improve job performance. The ProForm line delivers solid comfort for long hours spent at high elevations, preventing discomfort while providing significant safety and functionality improvements.
  • Lanyards:

    Lanyards connect between your harness and your safety line. Werner's non-retracting lanyards are available in DeCoil formats that provide graduated give as the wearer falls, lessening injuries, DeCoil Stretch formats that have a graduated give along with a stretch component that moves from four to six feet in length, providing significant flexibility on the job, and SoftCoil formats, which have an energy-absorbing core along the entire length, providing even softer stretch for softer give through the fall.
  • Lifelines:

    A great option to consider is Werner's self-retracting formats that make it easy for your crew to work at a range of elevations without having to constantly adjust their lanyard or lifelines to the changes. Vertical lifelines are available in a wide range of solutions from basic to advanced opportunities for your crew to adjust their lanyard lengths.
  • Anchor Connectors:

    Anchor connectors from Werner provide you with solid connections to a wide range of different surfaces. These include connections that can be looped over a ridgebeam, attached to a sliding and adjustable I-beam anchor, concrete bolts, permanent, temporary and knock-down roofing options, pour-in disposable straps, cross arm straps, carabiners, vinyl-coated cable chokers, D-bolt anchors, trolley anchors, swivel anchors, concrete hybrid, drop-through anchors and wire hand grip anchors, including a number of different options in length, strength and variety in each type of connector.

By using Werner Fall Protection equipment on your job site, you can meet or exceed OSHA requirements and keep your crew as safe as possible from harm. If you need help finding the right fall protection for your crew, even if it's not available in local stores, Star Sales is here to help. Please feel free to reach out today with any questions, to learn more or to get a quote on our wide range of Werner products.

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