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True Flexibility With the Makita LXT Cordless Power Tool Lineup Categories: power tools January 03, 2019 By Star Sales

True Flexibility With the Makita LXT Cordless Power Tool Lineup

Picking a line of cordless tools is a bit of a chore. Everyone claims to be the best, with better performance, batteries, and selection than any of the competition. But which one really delivers the best options for flexibility in your operation? Makita's LXT lineup of cordless power tools delivers a great combination of superior battery life, flexibility across tool lines and strong performance in the field. Here's a look at what makes the LXT stand out from the crowd.

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Flexibility in Size and Power

You need something tough to get through the worst your job site has to offer, but your spouse just needs a simple cordless drill to push a few screws into a project. Makita's LXT line offers everything from professional-grade tools that can take a pair of 18V batteries to deliver 36V performance down to ultra-compact, ultra-light options for the average homeowner's lightweight needs. As the first company to offer an 18V system, Makita now offers over 200 solutions for its LXT line, providing true flexibility on the very same battery system.

Industry Options

Makita has been used for decades by contractors in a wide range of industries as diverse as woodworking to concrete work and landscaping to metalworking. Their focus on providing batteries that run the range from simple to industrial means that the same batteries take you effortlessly from task to task with no real problems. It even has a robotic vacuum system available in the line to help you keep up with the new OSHA silica cleanup requirements without wasting time or effort.

Strong Battery Performance

It doesn't quite keep up with the DeWalt 20V system, but it certainly does give it a run for its money! A recent roofing project at the author's house paired her DeWalt 20V impact driver against her dad's Makita LXT impact driver. The DeWalt was slightly faster and had a significantly longer battery life, but the Makita made for a more compact, lighter package that was easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

Long Battery Life

During a quick look at their lineup, Makita claims that its tools make the following benchmarks: the XSH06Z circular saw delivers up to 610 2x4 crosscuts per charge with two 5.0 AH batteries. The XRH07PTU Rotary Hammer pounds concrete with 8.4 foot-pounds of pressure on every stroke. The XCV05PT Backpack Dust Extractor delivers 90 minutes of continuous performance on two 5.0 AH batteries to help you keep up with the latest OSHA silica regulations.

Easily Repairable

How many times have you had a tool fail because of a fairly simple part, such as a switch or trigger? Makita has always designed its tools to be fast and easy to repair, minimizing your downtime waiting on parts and complex disassembly and reassembly processes. With Makita's LXT line, you simply bring it in, have a repair done quickly and get back to business as usual.

When you add Makita's LXT line of cordless power tools to your options, you're able to meet all your performance needs from tiny sub-compacts to two-battery bruisers that keep on ticking no matter what you throw at them. But what if you're not quite sure whether Makita's lineup is right for your particular specialty, project, or needs? The experienced professionals at Star Sales are standing by and ready to help answer all your questions. Please feel free to reach out to us today to discover more about this dynamic lineup of power tools.

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