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Learn what Rust-Oleum's SpraySmart Paint System Can Do For You Categories: power tools, construction June 02, 2017 By Star Sales

Learn what Rust-Oleum's SpraySmart Paint System Can Do For You

When you need to mark up a project, marking paint is one of the easiest options available, but it has some serious issues as well. Propellants and VOCs create a chemical soup that can harm your workers or others in the area. Overspray makes a big mess and eats into your profits to clean up. The paint itself may raise concerns with the environment. Fortunately, Rust-Oleum has developed a new marking paint system that is hands-down the best overall. Here's why:

The SpraySmart system has many features that put it above the competition by lowering waste, reducing chemical exposures and virtually eliminating overspray mess.

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Propellant-Free Spray Unit

The patent-pending system developed by the professionals at Rust-Oleum provides you with superior results, long-lasting performance and a propellant-free system. Designed for use with existing marking wands, the reusable spray unit uses a lithium-ion battery based compression system that will last through up to 48 containers of paint. The system is easy to use and sets up in about 40 seconds, while providing heavy-duty construction in a light weight package of about 20 ounces. Onboard electronics monitors and adjust spray pressure, allowing it to be sprayed in any direction on any substrate and in any weather, providing you with a versatile marking system that's still gentle on the environment.

Superior Paint Options

Unlike traditional spray paint cans, the SpraySmart system uses pouches that allow you to see exactly how much paint is left in the container, making it much easier to use all the paint in the container. This saves about 5% of the paint you use every year. Because the pouches themselves are not pressurized, they're much easier to ship and store safely. They're easy to change out, whether you're continuing with the same color or changing for a different part of the project. Because all the paint is used, the heavy-duty pouches can be disposed of in the regular trash, with 20 SpraySmart pouches taking the same space as a single can of regular spray marking paint. Every pouch is designed with a non-clogging tip and will spray more markings than the competition.

Other Benefits of the SpraySmart System

Because you get more markings from every container, your crew will spend less time changing out canisters and more time getting the job done, which equals higher profitability. Designed to work in even windy conditions with virtually no overspray, there's less cleanup and fewer damage claims from unhappy clients than you'd see with an aerosolized marking system.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery pack charges in about 4-6 hours using a standard wall outlet, while allowing you to spend all day marking with up to 48 pouches of paint. Because the paint used retains a homogenous mixture, you save time compared to shaking cans to re-mix spray paint. It can be applied in temperatures from -9℉ to 115℉.

The SpraySmart system provides you with a better alternative to traditional marking paints, by providing a healthier environment, less waste and better marking control. At Star Sales, we're always looking at new products to help our customers find the best possible options for their projects, and we're proud to carry Rust-Oleum's SpraySmart system for our clients. If you have any questions about this system or any other tool or product we offer, please feel free to contact our experienced associates today for more information.

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