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Improve Your Job Site Security With These Easy Tools Categories: power tools, hand tools, construction, safety June 18, 2019 By Star Sales

Improve Your Job Site Security With These Easy Tools

When you work in construction, job site security can make the difference between a profitable job and one that leaves you in the red. But many contractors have difficulties keeping tools, materials and assets secure while on the job. Here's a quick look at several job site tools that actually make it easier than ever to keep your tools and materials secure while on a construction site.

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Knaack -
The designers at Knaack have been focused on job site security for a number of years. The Knaack job site boxes provide a range of possibilities for storing tools and smaller high-dollar materials securely on the job site. From simple lockable cages to full tool cabinets and roomy chests, the solid construction of these work boxes allows you to store more of your tools and assets on-site instead of wasting time and money moving them to a more secure location every evening. For your digital assets, their Data Vault provides wireless and direct-contact updates, rugged protection and onboard TV monitor, with a UPS power system to keep you operational during those accidental or operational power outages that can be so common at job sites.
Master Lock -
When you need to lock down your job site, nothing gets the job done as effectively as Master Lock's line of padlocks and combination locks. Available in a wide range of sizes, capabilities and durability, there's a lock that is perfect for your project. From locking out electrical boxes to prevent circuits from being accidentally activated before they're complete to securing your job site work boxes and even the entrance to the site itself, you can find the right lock for your need. Consider using multiple padlocks keyed to the same keyset to make the process of locking and unlocking your job site easier and reducing the amount of time it takes to find the right key. Resettable combination locks allow your crew easy access to an asset with the comfort of knowing that if someone is being let go, you can quickly change the combination to keep that asset secure against retaliation.
DeWalt's Mobile Lock System -
Need to secure high-dollar assets and track them in a wide range of conditions? The DeWalt Mobile Lock system provides you with some great options. Sensitive to motion, temperature, tilting, vibration, tampering, low battery and loss of power, you can remotely monitor assets. If an alarm is triggered, you have the choice of either sounding a loud, built-in siren or remaining silent to track the location of your asset in stealth mode. The battery for the device can last as long as a month in the cell-based GPS mode or six months in monitoring-only mode, and the device itself can be mounted in a hidden location on the asset to prevent its removal. Using cell-based GPS technology, the device can be used across most locations in the United States.

By implementing easy-to-use tools such as these to help keep your job site secure, you can ensure that you'll be able to enjoy a profitable project instead of ending up needing to invest in new equipment. For all of your job site needs, Star Sales' experienced associates are always ready to help you find the perfect solutions to your troubles. Please feel free to contact us today for more information, with any questions or to place an order.

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