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Improve Job Site Efficiency With Knaack's DataVault Job Boxes Categories: construction April 11, 2018 By Star Sales

Improve Job Site Efficiency With Knaack's DataVault Job Boxes

When you're trying to improve job site efficiency, Knaack's DataVault job boxes can provide you with a wide range of tools and options to make it happen. From instant access to digital plans to increased physical security of your company's digital assets, the DataVault series delivers. Here's a quick look at the features and benefits of this on-site storage system.

Let's take a moment to consider a couple different scenarios. In the first, plans are kept on the foreman's laptop which stays locked in his truck a half-dozen stories down. Why? Because he's had two laptops stolen this past year and doesn't want to risk losing a third. He's having his mid-morning talk with the office when the engineering department asks if he's implemented the change order yet. He doesn't know anything about it, but is told that he'll find the notes on the digital plans. After he goes down to his truck, he drags out his laptop and looks up the change. He then tries to radio the welder on the ninth floor about the changes, but the welder doesn't know what he's talking about. He has the welder come down to see what's going on with the changes. Overall, the company just lost an hour of productivity between just those two people.

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Now consider a company that uses a DataVault to improve productivity and communication. The foreman gets a ping on his phone that the plans have changed. He walks a few feet over to the Data Vault and opens it to grab out his laptop and open it. Because the DataVault already has connectivity, he can instantly see the changes to the plans. He radios the welder three floors up and tells him to pull up the schematics for a particular section. By just pulling off his gloves and flipping up the welding glass on his hood, the welder can pull out his smartphone and see the changes himself without having to leave his post. Overall time saved, about 50 minutes. What could your business do with an extra 50 minutes of manpower?

The DataVault provides connectivity for your crew's mobile devices, an on-board 40" television with a protective acrylic screen to make it easier to see small details that are difficult to make out on a smaller screen, a high-quality steel frame and paneling to protect against rough environments and theft and the ability to tie into on-site building information modeling systems. It's designed to be moved by crane, forklift or simply wheeled to where it needs to go, with a svelte profile that makes it easy to move through a 36" door. Rounding out the DataVault is a whiteboard for sketching out problems or lists, four GFCI outlets to protect your digital assets and an on-board independent power supply to protect against data loss when the electrician fails to announce that he's cutting power - again.

By keeping your digital assets close at hand on the job site, you can quickly improve overall efficiency by cutting back on wasted time and keeping your crew doing what they do best - getting the job done. If you're looking at options in Knaack's DataVault series but aren't sure which one will best meet your needs, the experienced crew at Star Sales is here to help. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions, to get more information or to place an order. At Star Sales, our job is keeping your job moving.

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