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Fill in the Gaps With Todol Products Categories: construction, adhesives October 08, 2018 By Star Sales

Fill in the Gaps With Todol Products

If there's a space in your walls, oddball gaps around a door or other spaces that need to be filled, Todol's line of products provide a wide range of solutions. But which of these products is the right one for your next project? Here's a quick overview of all the options available from this diverse line of products from this preeminent expanding foam manufacturer.

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Gun Foams

  • Pur Fill:

    The Pur Fill line does a great general job, especially when you want to avoid having to clean your equipment between quick shots of foam. It blocks gasses, pests, sound, dust, air and water while providing professional application control.
  • Pur Stick:

    Ever wanted the ease of a foam gun for your adhesive application? Now you have one! Pur Stick bonds a wide range of materials, including architectural foam, foam board insulation, moulding and trim, drywall, subflooring and many other construction materials.
  • Pur Black:

    If you need a product that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in dark environments, Pur Black delivers. It's one of the few colored foam products on the market that delivers serious performance.
  • EZ Flo Gun:

    When you need a single product to quickly go from filling gaps and voids to mounting sheet foam, EZ Flo Gun provides a great option. It acts as both a foam and an adhesive, delivering strong results.
  • IPF Foam:

    Have a pest problem in your home or business? IPF Foam delivers a quality expanding polyurethane foam with spices and extracts mixed in to further deter pests from entering your home or chewing on the foam itself.
  • Pur Fill - Specialized:

    The Pur Fill line delivers strong thermal performance in a range of conditions, whether you're shooting foam in cold weather, around doors or windows, or near a chimney or other fire hazard to prevent the spread of fire.

Straw Foams

  • Duo Fill:

    When you need a simple to use, two-part foam that cures quickly, Duo Fill is an excellent choice. It cures within three minutes, making it perfect for fast jobs. It even helps slow and stop seeping water!
  • Pur Fill:

    Available in two different sizes, Pur Fill provides economical void and gap filling in an expandable foam. The disposable container removes the need for separate equipment, making it perfect for small jobs.
  • Pur Black:

    Much like the gun formulation, Pur Black Straw Foam cures black, making it a great option for darker environments where white foam will really stand out.

2-Part Foam Kits

  • EZ Flo 605:

    When there's a demand to fill a larger space, such as ceiling rafters, attics or metal structure insulation, EZ Flo 605 provides a great option that is more economical than individual cans without the high expense of a full spray rig.
  • Pur Fill 205:

    To create tight air spaces and reduce heat loss, Todol's Pur Fill 205 provides superior performance in a container that bridges the gap between professional systems and more expensive disposable cans.

By being aware of the differences between Todol's many products, you can make the best possible selection for every project you have on the books. But what if your project falls between the gaps for different materials and you're not quite sure exactly which one will give you the best overall results? Fortunately, the experienced associates at Star Sales are here to help. Please feel free to reach out today with any questions, for further information or to place an order for your next project.

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