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Equip Your Job Site with Fire Extinguishers for Safety and Protection Categories: safety, construction June 24, 2019 By Star Sales

Equip Your Job Site with Fire Extinguishers for Safety and Protection

When fire happens on a job site, it can be caused by any number of potential sources. An incorrectly-wired electrical circuit can cause a short. A rag used to mop up solvents can heat up and combust. Flammable materials can catch fire during a hot summer's day. A protestor can start a fire in your lumber materials. Whatever the source of the fire, being able to quickly respond to it can make all the difference between a somewhat more exciting day than usual on the job when the fire is stopped and a tragedy that has a huge cost for the project because it rages out of control. It makes the most sense to have Class ABC extinguishers available, with Class A fires involving regular combustible materials, Class B fires involving flammable and combustible liquids, greases, tars, oils and gases, and Class C fires involving energized electrical systems. Here's a quick look at some of the options you have available to fight fires on the job.

General Construction CTA
Class ABC Fire Extinguishers -
Available in sizes from 5 to 20 pounds, the simple mode of action for a dry fire extinguisher means that it's very easy for most of your crew to use when it's needed to quickly put out small fires before they get out of hand. However, to meet OSHA compliance, you can't just pick up any fire extinguisher available at the local store. Make sure that the fire extinguisher that you stock on your job site includes a current inspection tag for OSHA compliance, making it easy for inspectors to check whether you're in compliance and avoiding having to prove that your equipment is up to date and ready to go during an emergency.
Star Sales now inspects and recharges your ABC fire extinguishers!
Sprinkler-Head 20 Pound Mountable Extinguisher -
When you need to protect a specific location, such as your job site trailer or your office, these unique extinguishers match portability with the effectiveness of overhead sprinkler systems. Meeting NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) requirements, these systems include a 20 pound ABC dry chemical extinguisher with a sprinkler head attached. Mounted horizontally to a wall, it provides 24-hour spot protection and meets the requirements several municipalities have put into place for job and office trailers. Activated at 165ºF, it can cover a 12' by 13' area and can be mounted up to 14' from the floor.
Certified Extinguisher Inspection and Recharging -
Instead of spending your time trying to track, inspect and recharge your ABC fire extinguishers to meet OSHA and NFPA standards, why not outsource the process to ensure that you're always in compliance? Star Sales is adding this service to the many options we offer our customers, making your job easier and allowing you to focus on your current project instead of your compliance status. A low, affordable fee covers the entire process, making it easy to ensure that you have the extinguishers you need when you need them and in the condition, you need them to be able to effectively suppress fire on your construction site.

By keeping fire extinguishers readily available for your construction site, you can ensure that any fires that are started can be quickly extinguished, protecting life, materials and property. Still puzzled about which option is the best for your operation? We can help! Please feel free to contact us today to get help from the experienced associates at Star Sales.

Download the Star Sales OSHA Safety informational sheet