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DeWalt's Approach to Woodworking Solutions Categories: power tools, hand tools January 31, 2019 By Star Sales

DeWalt's Approach to Woodworking Solutions

Exceptional woodworking demands exceptional tools. In the past, this need has typically been filled by a range of tools from a number of different manufacturers. However, DeWalt has developed a line of tools specifically focused on the needs of woodworkers everywhere. This includes a range of cordless tools compatible with their 20V Max line that provides you with a new range of versatility in your shop and the ability to expand your shop space beyond where power is reasonably available for a wide range of purposes. Here's a quick overview of some of the most popular tools in this new lineup.

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Random Orbital Sanders:

Getting a fine finish takes time and effort, but the line of corded and cordless random orbital sanders from DeWalt helps you get the job done quickly and neatly.


Sometimes you need to cut a fine line to get everything to fit together. Whether you're looking for a corded or cordless variety, DeWalt jigsaws deliver strong performance with a range of features.

Miter Saws:

There are a lot of angles in frame construction, so the miter saws developed by DeWalt not only have a wide range of adaptability, they also have the power and endurance to keep going day after day after day on the job.

Table Saws:

Whether it's a corded version to take care of the basics in the workshop or a cordless saw to take on a trim job on a project site, DeWalt delivers strong performance in its line of table saws.


Available in both cordless compact varieties as well as corded plunge routers, DeWalt's wide range of routers deliver strong performance and a number of unique options to enhance adaptability in the workshop.

Exceptional woodworking demands exceptional tools.

Circular Saws:

DeWalt cut its teeth on the job site, providing high-quality tools to construction crews everywhere. Is it really that surprising that they can design high-performing circular saws that outperforms the competition?

Oscillating Multi-Tool:

If there's a single tool to have in your shop, it's this one. From sanding tiny, hard-to-reach areas to cutting off old frozen bolts to trimming wood plugs, DeWalt multi-tools have more than earned their place in the wood-shop.


There's serious money to be saved in planning your own rough-cut lumber, but even if cost isn't an issue, sometimes getting wood to the exact right thickness is. DeWalt planers deliver strong performance.


Whether you need a longer bar clamp to keep your planks together while gluing up or a simple, small trigger clamp to help hold items in place while fastening them together.


With DeWalt's strong history on the job site, is it really surprising that they make a range of exceptionally-designed hammers. One-piece steel and optimal weight distribution design provide solid durability for a wide range of applications.

Shaping Tools:

The manufacturer has both chisels and camping hatchets available depending on whether you need a smooth finish from a hand tool or an intentionally rough finish to your work.

The woodworking solutions being developed by DeWalt provide you with a wider range of options than have been available in the past while delivering solid solutions for new possibilities in the future. But what if you're not quite sure if the DeWalt woodworking line is the right option for your woodworking operation? If you need help making a decision on the right tools to outfit your shop, the experienced professionals at Star Sales are ready to help. Please feel free to feel free to reach out today to learn more.

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