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A Glance at the Powers TRAK-IT C5 Gas Tool System by DeWalt Categories: power tools, construction August 09, 2019 By Star Sales

A Glance at the Powers TRAK-IT C5 Gas Tool System by DeWalt

When you need a light-duty fastening system that can get the job done, even when electricity is at a premium, the Powers TRAK-IT C5 fastening tool system by DeWalt can help you get the job done Designed to fasten drywall track, lathing, furring strips and plywood to a wide range of backing materials, this system can get the job done quickly, inexpensively and consistently. This new system does not require licensing, making it easier to implement on the job site or at a remote build. It provides powerful results in a small, easy-to-use package. Here's a look at how the C5 works.

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Designed to be a versatile tool on the work site, the C5 can easily fasten drywall track to steel, block, lightweight concrete or concrete, and is capable of fastening lath, furring strips and plywood to block or concrete. Specially designed Stick-E assembly components make it easy to fasten a wide range of attachments into concrete, steel and concrete block, making work easy with a tool that weighs in at 7.9 pounds. The Stick-E assemblies include a wide range of washers, rod hangers, conduit clamps and much more. It can use a rechargeable battery to power the system for remote work, or you can use the 110-volt adapter cord to plug it in when power is close at hand.

The tool features an easily-accessible tool-nose-mounted adjustable depth control, tool manifolds that are dust and corrosion resistant, easily removed and exchanged tracks, a maintenance counter with LED indicator light, an ergonomic handle with light trigger pull, and the ability to be used with the C5 pole tool for an extended reach, making it much easier to use when compared to having to switch and relocate ladders or work platforms as you go.

Each loaded fuel cell can install up to 800 fasteners, giving you a long work-time between changes. The deep and long track models can hold up to 42 pins, while the short track provides you with the ability to get into tighter spaces with a capacity of 22 pins. The tracks are interchangeable, so you can simply purchase the entire set to have a wide range of options when you're in the field, allowing you to work quickly on open spaces and still be able to adapt to reach into tight corners.

There are a range of shear, tension and pull-out weights that the system's fasteners can handle, ranging from 340 pounds for shear in 1/2" steel when using tapered-shank fasteners, down to a 20-pound load weight for the system's spiral knurl pins installed into 20-gauge steel. This means you're able to get a strong hold with minimal effort, as the gas does the work for you. And of course, being produced through DeWalt, you can expect high quality at every turn.

The TRAK-IT C5 gas-powered fastening tool system delivers strong results with very little outlay or training. It's very adaptable to a wide range of real-world conditions, making it easy to use no matter your location. If you'd like to know more about this new product from the experts at DeWalt, the experienced associates at Star Sales are ready to help. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions, for further information or to place an order for delivery to your job site.

Download the Trak It C5 product guide