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Contractor Smackdown: The DeWalt ToughSystem Mobile Tool Storage System Categories: power tools, construction September 30, 2019 By Star Sales

Contractor Smackdown: The DeWalt ToughSystem Mobile Tool Storage System

DeWalt knows tough tools, but it turns out they also know tough job site storage. Their ToughSystem mobile tool storage system delivers a wide range of modular storage options that are easy to move around and provide durable storage for your tools, hardware and other necessities. Here's a quick look at the system to help you get started.

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I picked up this system a couple of years ago at a Black Friday sale, and unlike any number of other job site storage purchased I've made, I have never regretted it. This system includes tough plastic toolboxes, drawer modules, fastener storage, totes, and convenient accessories. Based on a simple wheeled frame system, the entire system snaps together to prevent time-consuming transit spills, while the large wheels make it easy to get around the job site without a lot of heavy lifting.

The storage toolboxes come in a range of sizes from small to large, any of which will hold a range of power tools and their accessories. The smallest size is still large enough for drills, impact drivers, multi-purpose tools and similar-sized tools, while the largest will hold at least two to three circular saws with no problem at all. The gasket seal ensures that you don't risk getting your equipment wet, and they're so well sealed that the largest sizes include a manual air vent to account for pressure changes when you're shipping tools via air or changing altitude to a different job site.

But beyond toolboxes, there is a range of other storage options that work very well, and the modular system means you can stack and attach them to suit your needs. The organizer works great for small parts, fasteners, and hardware, with a shaped, clear top that makes it easy to see what you've got in the kit at a glance while not having to worry about small parts spilling over the top of the removable bins. The totes provide open-topped storage for when you want to haul bulky items, while the drawer module allows you to quickly access the items stored inside without having to worry about them falling out everywhere if the drawers are tipped at an odd angle.

Jobsite accessories include a solid 27-quart cooler with the capability to hold ice up to 5 days. It's specifically colored yellow instead of the black tone of the other totes, to make it stand out. The radio and charger gives you music to move with its own on-board speakers or Bluetooth connectivity to headsets or other devices within 100' of the radio, to while providing a secure spot to charge your DeWalt cordless system batteries, operating on a single 12- or 20-volt battery or a wall plug while charging batteries of the same size. Workshop or van racking systems allow you to simply move the modules you need from one location out to the job site and back again.

When you have the right job site storage, it's much easier to get your tools where they need to be without a lot of hassles. If you're wondering whether the DeWalt ToughSystem Mobile Tool Storage System is the right option for your construction business or home workshop, the experienced professionals at Star Sales can provide you with all the information you need. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions or to place an order for this tough job site storage system.

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