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Keep Track of Your Tools With DeWalt's Tool Connect Solutions Categories: power tools, construction January 10, 2018 By Star Sales

Keep Track of Your Tools With DeWalt's Tool Connect Solutions

When you're having to track tools on a job site or across multiple locations, how do you keep everything straight? The developers at DeWalt have come up with a trio of new tools that work together to solve your tool tracking needs. The Tool Connect system allows you to use Tool Connect products, the Tool Connect app on your mobile device and the Inventory Manager Portal on your computer to quickly and easily track your tool inventory no matter your location. Here's a quick overview of each part of the system and how they interact to track your tools.

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Tool Connect Products

DeWalt currently has three options available for Tool Connect products, along with a fourth option expected shortly. The first is their line of Tool Connect tools, which have Bluetooth functionality integrated into the tool. Even when a 20V MAX battery isn't attached, the tool can still be tracked in the Tool Connect app and Inventory Manager portal. These tools can also have their settings customized and provide real-time diagnostics. If you have other tools that are not from this tool line, DeWalt offers Tool Connect Tags, which can be mounted on almost every large tool, equipment and even materials. It features an LED light for determining which tag you are tracking or pairing, making it easy to determine when you have the right item. Tool Connect Batteries allow you to track batteries, including their charge, temperature and charging status through the app, as well as setting time limits on usage or virtual fences beyond which the battery will not function, providing additional security. The fourth product, expected soon, is the Tool Connect Connector, which allows you to track non-Tool Connect 20V MAX tools by permanently attaching a Connector between the tool and the battery. This technology provides added security with virtually no weight, while allowing you to track the tool and disable it when it falls too far out of range.

Tool Connect App

The Tool Connect app uses Bluetooth to connect to your tool inventory in the field through your mobile device. It's available for Android or iOS systems, giving you cross-platform flexibility. From the app, you can list your inventory, receive alerts when a tracked device leaves a virtual fence, locate tools across the job site, customize your tool settings and more. You can even use the app to remotely turn your connected DeWalt job site lights on or off at the end of the day.

Inventory Manager Portal

Because the information from the Tool Connect app is stored safely online, you can use the Inventory Manager Portal to access that information from your desk at the office or laptop wherever life takes you. If you keep your tools in a central location, the Inventory Manager Portal provides a check-out and check-in system to expand your tracking capability out of the field and into your office space.

The Tool Connect solution trio from DeWalt can make tracking your tool inventory much easier, helping you avoid asset losses and duplicate tool purchases. But how do you get started? At Star Sales, we're proud to offer a wide range of tool products, including DeWalt's Tool Connect products. Please feel free to contact our experienced professionals today for more details on these time-saving products, with any questions or to place an order.

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