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Crank It Up - A Look at MAX USA's 500 PSI Fastener Tool System Categories: pneumatics July 06, 2017 By Star Sales

Crank It Up - A Look at MAX USA's 500 PSI Fastener Tool System

When you're trying to hurry up and get a job done, there's nothing as frustrating as having to wait for the compressor to cycle up - again. Fortunately, our friends at MAX USA have developed a high-pressure fastener tool system rated to 500 PSI. This new option opens the field for a single compressor for an entire work crew or gaining enough pressure to attach plywood to high-strength materials such as concrete or steel. Here's a quick look at the system and what it has to offer the industry.

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xBecause this new system features a higher PSI rating, it's easier to use a single tank to replace several on a job site. The tools are also excellent at fastening material to concrete or steel, as they push fasteners out with a much higher force. Here's a quick look at the tools currently available in this system:

AKHL 1250E 500 PSI Air Compressor:

Though the 2.5 gallon tank sounds small, don't let it fool you. With the 500 PSI rating, it's the equivalent of having a 12.5 gallon 100 PSI tank in the field. It features an easy drain lever, a DC brushless motor with inverter circuit and four air outlets to keep your crew moving.

HN120 HP Concrete/Steel Pinner:

This lightweight 6.4 pound pinner features a tangle-free swivel fitting to keep your hoses loose. At the same time, it delivers an astounding 186 foot-pounds of energy into your fasteners, driving them tight.

HN25C HP Drywall Track Pinner:

It takes a special design to get a good drywall track pinner, and this beauty has it. An ultralight 4.4 pound body helps prevent fatigue while the slim body and nose lets you slide right in to where you need to be.

HN90 HP Framing Coil Nailer 3-1/2:

This framing nailer features a compact design, letting you get into the smallest gaps unimpeded. It features a patent pending recoil reduced valve, maintenance free end cap filter and at 5.3 pounds, is 40% lighter than the competition.

HN75 HP Framing Coil Nailer 3:

Much like it's big brother, the 3-1/2, the 3 has many of the premium features you'd expect in a lightweight, low fatigue package. The addition of a no-mar contact tip and trigger lock decreases surface damage and increases safety on the job.

HS130 HP Stick Nailer 5-1/8":

The Stick Nailer gives you a 20-21 degree nailer with all the features you'd expect, and a few you wouldn't. With an open nose for easy jam clearance, its slim and compact design makes for easy one-handed nailing in tough spaces.

HN65J HP Joist Hanger Nailer:

When you're hanging joists hardware, you need a compact design that other nailers just can't compete with. Add in a durable locater and the features you'd expect from MAX USA.

HN65 HP Siding Coil Nailer:

Whether you're securing siding, sheathing, decking, flooring or any other of the numerous applications, this coil nailer helps you get it done. It features an easy to change contact nose to drive a wide range of nails in its 400-nail magazine.

MAX USA's 500 PSI fastener tool system isn't for everyone, but when you need the extra power, it delivers a serious punch. If you have additional questions we haven't been able to address in this post, please feel free to contact the experienced associates at Star Sales for more details. At Star Sales, our job is keeping your job moving.

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