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Job Site #1: Component Assembly's 1 Dalton Street Categories: construction, screws and fasteners, posi-grip fasteners November 28, 2018 By Star Sales

Job Site #1: Component Assembly's 1 Dalton Street

At Star Sales, we know that finding the right solutions to our customers' problems is our biggest reason for being. Our team of experienced associates includes Dan MacKinnon, Star Sales Regional Manager in the greater Boston area. Recently, Dan had the opportunity to visit 1 Dalton Street, the tallest structure going up in downtown Boston since the John Hancock building went up, and where our customer and contracting partner Component Assembly had been on the site for over two years for steel and drywall layout. We recorded the visit with Component Assembly's Don Poineau, including some of the dynamic product solutions we helped them come up with for the project. Here's a quick overview of how some of these products worked in the field.

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QML 800 Layout Tool:

"We saved hundreds of hours on this job just using that." Mr. Poineau speaks frankly about the difference the QML 800 Layout Tool has made on 1 Dalton Street. The tool reads CAD files and feeds them into the lasers, allowing quick measurements to be laid out across the site, rather than having to manually work the lasers. By simply checking the CAD file on a tablet, the workers doing the layout can simply mark the floor of the structure where the lasers intersect to transfer the file into the real-world structure.

Posi-Grip Screws:

"Star Sales supplied us with all these screws," Mr. Poineau continues, referring to box after box of assorted screws used during the process. The site used Posi-Grip Screws in a variety of sizes to make assembly of wall components go much more quickly. The team used 2" bugle-headed screws for double-layer drywall, such as in acoustical performance situations, as well as 1-1/4" bugle-headed screws for single-layer drywall installation and 1-7/8" bugle-headed zinc screws for shaftwall, which has specific performance issues of its own including a harder stud. The bugle-headed screws from Posi-Grip include a drilling head for faster installation in 14-20 gauge metal framing for ease of installation and less time spent getting everything together.

Screws and Fasteners in General:

"We also use the collated screws which are for the DeWalt self-feeder." When you have to use specialty tools to keep your production levels up, having the right fasteners for the project readily available is a good part of the battle. Self-feeding screw guns make the installation process move much more smoothly, especially in a project as large as 1 Dalton Street. Component Assembly used 2" and 1-1/4" collated screws to be able to more quickly lay down drywall and framing, making the process move more quickly and keeping up with the demands of such a large project with ease. The company was very happy with the variety of options made available to them through Star Sales.

At Star Sales, we know that projects by our customers like Component Assembly is our top priority. Helping them find the perfect solutions for their job site problems is vital to help both companies succeed in the warehouse and in the field. Do you need some help getting things started in the right direction for your next big project? Our professional team of associates is ready to help you find the perfect solutions when it's needed and at the right price. Please feel free to reach out today to discover how we can help make your work site run more smoothly than ever.

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