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Rock Your Drywall: An Overview of CertainTeed's Levelline Categories: hand tools, construction, drywall December 22, 2017 By Star Sales

Rock Your Drywall: An Overview of CertainTeed's Levelline

When you're hanging and mudding drywall, the quality of the finished project is directly impacted by the materials that are used. But when your crew is trying to get a job done quickly, sorting through a wide range of corner bead can be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, the engineers at CertainTeed have developed a dynamic new product to help make your job site run more smoothly. Here's a quick look at their Levelline products and what they can do for your drywall business or project.

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The first Levelline product we want to introduce you to is Flex. It has a polymer core, and the flexible built-in hinge flexes to any corner angle, inside or outside. It works well for archways, cathedral ceilings and comes in a roll, preventing damage to the bead while eliminating the need to pre-crease or pre-measure your bead, improving installation time and profitability. This versatile new bead is available in 100' rolls.

The installation process is easy. Simply apply an all-purpose joint compound to the corner, press the Levelline Flex trim into position, then straighten it if needed. With a 4" finishing knife, remove any excess mud and allow the joint to dry, then use a 6" finishing knife to skimcoat over the corner. Once it's dried, you're ready to sand and finish.

The Outside 90 line from the Levelline series provides very easy to install corner bead that has been pre-cut to standard lengths, available in 8', 9' and 10' sticks, or in a 100' rolled length to cut to your own dimensions. They provide you with an easy to handle option that helps you make crisp, straight corners that your clients will love. It does need to be protected from excessive moisture, due to the paper tab included in the structure, but is packed in water-resistant containers, making it easy to keep protected until the product is needed.

When installing the Levelline sticks, you'll want to apply the corner trim to the wall, pressing it into position. Make sure that the trim is tight to the ceiling. Once it's positioned, you can firmly embed it using a taping knife or a roller. Once you've finished that part of the process, remove any excess joint compound and let it dry for 24 hours. After it's dried, use a 6" taping knife to apply a second coat of joint compound, feathering it 6" from the trim's nose and allow it to dry, then come back with an 8" finishing knife to apply one more layer of joint compound and feather it out 8" from the trim nose. Once it's dried, you're ready to sand and paint.

When installed according to CertainTeed's instructions and the bead is defective, CertainTeed will cover the replacement of the material or purchase price, but they must be reported to CertainTeed within 30 days of the defect being noticed. CertainTeed's strong commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible sustainability has lead to the establishment of manufacturing locations throughout the U.S. as well as a strong commitment to recycling and reusing waste to minimize the impact on our world's natural resources.

These new products offer a wide range of new benefits to help improve your job site profitability while reducing time spent on the site. If you're not sure which of these options is the best for your project, please feel free to contact the experts at Star Sales today for more information, with any questions or to place an order. At Star Sales, our job is keeping your job moving.

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