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Breathe Easier with These No-VOC Adhesive Products and Sealants from Xcel Categories: adhesives June 14, 2017 By Star Sales

Breathe Easier with These No-VOC Adhesive Products and Sealants from Xcel

Compared to just a decade or two ago, people are more familiar than ever before with the potential health problems that can occur from exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds have been linked to respiratory problems, cancer and developmental issues. In new or remodeled construction, the level of VOCs in the air can be up to 1,000 times higher than in outdoor air. The construction industry has responded by developing low- and no-VOC products to help combat this issue. Here's a quick look at some new no-VOC adhesives and sealants we offer.

Whether you have a project where VOCs are a specific concern, want to reduce VOC exposure for your workers or just want to provide the best overall experience for your customer, Xcel's line of adhesives and sealants are a high-quality answer to pressing industry issues. Using a modified silyl polymer, these products provide superior results over not only other no- or low-VOC products, but traditional materials as well. They work well with stone such as marble or granite, as they don't leach into or cause discoloration of these materials the way traditional adhesives and sealants may.

General Construction CTA

Xcel UBS

Xcel's Universal Bond & Seal provides mounting and sealing for your project. It can be used underwater as a bonding, mounting and sealing agent and the lack of VOCs means it's an effective material to use in confined spaces. With a very high tensile strength of over 375 pounds per square inch, this adhesive keeps your construction solidly in place for years to come.

Xcel UCB

The Ultra Clear Bond available from Xcel provides you with a clear alternative to the UBS, for locations where appearance is everything. At the same time, it still provides a VOC-free, odorless material with a high tensile strength of over 300 pounds per square inch. This environmentally-friendly product uses no solvents and provides a beautiful finish to your project.

Xcel IGA

Xcel's Instant Grab Adhesive gives you a fast-set high-strength bond for your project, essential when every moment matters and you need to get the job done quickly. At the same time, like the rest of the line, it has no solvents or VOCs, making this an excellent choice when working on a fast-track project.

Xcel MGA

The Masonry Grab Adhesive Xcel produces gives you an adhesive that works well with natural stone and masonry, especially stone veneer. It performs very well in wet and underwater environments and is one of the strongest in this series, with a tensile strength of 335 pounds per square inch. This makes it ideal for granite and marble veneer used in the bath.

Xcel MBS

The Marine Bond & Seal offered by Xcel provides you with superior strength in marine applications as well as aerospace and automotive industries. It works very well on any substrate and offers exceptional flexibility and strength. As with the other sealants and adhesives in this series, it has no VOCs and performs better than most traditional materials.

By lowering the amount of VOCs that are released into the air during and following construction, we can help make our world a healthier place for everyone. The adhesives and sealants from Xcel that we've discussed in this piece will help you find the right solutions for your customers. If you need more information on how these sealants and adhesive products work or are interested in placing an order, please feel free to contact our experienced associates today. At Star Sales, our job is helping you keep your job rolling.

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